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  • As I write this, the time is 7:40 PM

  • Andrea went to bed, Drew is crying.

  • Looking into buying new longboard trucks, need 180's.

  • what goin onnn?

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Stalk me or whatever my name is Cody Theil and I was born in Indiana.
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Cody "drug deala" Theil

                           I look like                                           a tool yeshhh?​​​​​​​​​​
CONGRATULATIONS! You have also reached the official page of Tall Tee Tuesday
Tall Tuesday at WMCHS. I am the founder of this event. Find it on facebook, start it at your own school. Tall Tee Tuesday, wear a big shirt. Last week 3 kids did it. That's pretty neat. 
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Bamboo my N***A!!
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I just like hard wood.
Seriously now, lets get serious. I live in Michigan and would love to hang out with you this summer. Lets go longboarding or something. Ladies, I'm single. Facebook me Cody Theil!
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